Wizardry is split up into Twelve ‘schools’ of magic. Advancing in Wizardry is only possible via advancing in all of the schools; this is why most choose to become specialists instead.

Abjuration Protection Magic; magic that is used to protect, defend, and ward against any number of conflicts. Specialists are called Warders.

Ablativation Movement Magic; magic that is used to travel, effect movement, and manipulate time. Specialists are called Jaunters.

Anathemation Curse Magic; magic that is used to inflict bad luck, disease, and general suffering upon others. Specialists are called Hexers.

Conjuration Magic that is used to summon beings, objects and even energy to the caster. Specialists are called Summoners.

Divination Fortune Telling Magic; magic that is used for detection, understanding, and seeing through time. Specialists are called Seers.

Enchantment Charming magic; magic that is used to manipulate, influence, and control the minds of others. Specialists are called Enchanters.

Evocation Energy magic; magic used to create, manipulate and control energy. Specialists are called Invokers.

Chimerstry Magic used to make others sense what is not, not sense what is, and remember things that never happened. Specialists are called Illusionists.

Nascency Life Magic; magic that is used to heal, repair, and create life. Specialists are called Healers.

Necromancy Death & Undeath Magic; magic used to control death, undead, and destroy life. Specialists are called Necromancers.

Thaumaturgy Meta magic. The magic of magic; to understand and deconstruct magic, and to create magical items like potions and wands. Specialists are called Magi.

Transmutation Transformation magic; magic used to change, shift and bend physical space. Specialists are called Transmuters.


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