Aasterinian is cheeky, and enjoys learning through play, invention, and pleasure. She is in charge of Trade and Communications for the council, and enjoys disturbing the status quo. Those she takes under her wing are known for their innovation, whimsy, and changeable natures. They are typically wanderers who travel in disguise and secrecy. She encourages her followers to think for themselves, rather than relying on the word of others. The worst crime, in Aasterinian’s eyes, is not trusting in yourself and your own devices.

No one training session with Aasterinian is the same. Almost all involve travel and new experiences, though. These moments tend to focus more on the journey than the destination. She emphasis diversity, learning through doing, and innovation. She expresses her desires for new experiences with her favored saying: “Let today differ from both yesterday and tomorrow,”

Agent of Change
1 XP when you experience something new or cause another to laugh out loud
3 XP when you challenge societal norms or you help another defy societal norms
5 XP when you personally destroy a civilization or you assist in creating a new one

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