Creating an Outskirt

The Outskirts have problems that do not need to be addressed in the same manner as other protectorates. The primary concerns with these areas is whether or not it is possible/advisable to bring them under the Council’s rule, or if it just better to be rid of them. Unlike the Inner and Outer Protectorates, there are no correct answers, and these areas do NOT have the usual Milestones. Outskirts can be ‘solved’ in the following ways:

Return them to the Flow: The Warden’s have long said that the lands that appear in the Wastes are abominations, blights upon the land that need to be removed. They call this ‘Returning to the Flow’. They believe that events have transpired that led the land to appear in the Wastes in the first place, and that returning the Outskirt to the status quo before this change occured will cause it to vanish. If this cannot be achieved of course, then literally destroying the Outskirt is the next best thing; this is also an acceptable solution for the Pharaoh, but the Council would prefer Dragoons to remove negative influences from an Outskirt instead of destroying it.

Basher’s Town: The Bashers do not believe that the Outskirt should be seen as anything but a unique piece of creation, and seek to preserve it, and keep it out of the hands of the Council, untouched by the Wardens, kept safe from the Revears, and unassimilated by Malick. From there, Bashers use the Outskirt for their own nefarious ends, staging raids out of said Outskirts and allowing them to fall into lawlessness, inevitably falling to the influences they wished to protect them from. That said, if an Outskirt were to SOMEHOW be enabled to protect itself for the long term, it would be considered a Basher’s Town.

Malick’s Revolution: Malick is a self-proclaimed prophet that believes that the Pharaoh and the Dragon Council are all built upon lies, and that a great Crystal Palace deep within the wild sands of the desert holds salvation for all from the Pharaoh’s oppressive rule. He also speaks of threats greater than any that the Wastes hold, claiming that the Reavers are just a symptom of Creation’s cancer, which he only refers to as ‘the encroaching doom’. In any case, he seeks to use the Outskirts as his own staging ground for attacking the Pharaoh and the Council.

Prepare for the Coming of the Council: The Council would prefer the Outskirts be readied for the arrival of their armies, administrators, laws, and magical constructs that help protect against the Wastes. To do this, Dragoons must remove the existing power structures that would prevent or oppose the Council’s rule, and/or prepare the new/existing power structure for what is coming. Once these are done to the Dragoon’s satisfaction, it is a simple matter of reporting to the Council that the Outskirt is ready for conquest.

When creating an Outskirt, you then must think on the following things:

  1. What was the status quo of this land before it appeared in the Wastes?
  2. What is the new status quo? It should be drastically different. Do NOT worry about how this change happened.
  3. How MIGHT one go about returning it to its original status quo? Keep an open mind here, as players are nothing if not quick thinkers who find unorthodox solutions.
  4. What is the current power structure?
  5. Could one influence the power structure to accept Malick’s rule? The Councils? The Bashers (which is to say, their own independence without any outside protection against the horrors of the Wastes except for some individual Bashers)?
  6. If not, how MIGHT one go about removing this power structure and replacing it with one open to another’s rule? Keep an open mind here, as players are nothing if not quick thinkers who find unorthodox solutions. Leaving an Outskirt without a power structure is a perfectly acceptable solution, by the way.
  7. How would this protectorate benefit the Council? The Bashers? Malick?
  8. How would this protectorate’s destruction benefit the Pharoah? Keep an open mind; the Pharaoh is an optimist in these matters, and would find something pleasing about the destruction of even Chrona, the seat of his power. It can be as simple as: It cannot be used as a staging ground for attacks. Also keep in mind that the Council, or at least certain Dragon gods, might not be happy about a Protectorate’s destruction.
  9. Any sacred cows I should know about? Storylines to keep in mind?

Creating an Outskirt

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