The Inner Protectorates

The Inner Protectorates are those Havens that have been brought underneath the Pharaoh’s control. These lands generally obey the laws of the council, but are known to stray from time to time. This is problematic as the magiks, ghosts, and spirits of the Wastes are kept at bay via the magic barriers erected by the Pharaoh, which are powered through obedience to these laws. These barriers weaken as people disobey and break the law. Additionally, these areas are guided by Magistrates, and protected by a locally staffed group of Watchers, a locally staffed group of Guardians, at least one platoon of The Council’s Army, as well as being in the jurisdiction of at least one Justicar and within at least one week’s march of Chrona for The Pharaoh’s Army, and of course, are accessible by The Dragoons.

The importance of an Inner Protectorate, and it’s obedience to the laws, is reflected in how easily accessible it is to Chrona and The Pharaoh’s Army. These are based on the amount of time it takes the Pharaoh’s Army to get to the Inner Protectorate in question; these are called Marches. For example, 1 day’s march away is considered a 1 March. Two days? 2 March. Etc.

It is the duty of the Dragoons to help solve the problems of the Inner Protectorates. If the Protectorate isn’t compliant with the laws of the Pharaoh, the magiks protecting the Protectorate weaken and eventually fail. This also pushes the Protectorate further and further away from Chrona; once an Inner Protectorate is 8 or more March away, it reverts to an Outer Protectorate status, and loses many of the physical protections provided to Inner Protectorates.

Other tangible benefits are related to trade and communications. Caravans travel throughout the Wastes, and visit the Inner Protectorates on the regular, within a period of time that is generally twice that of it’s March status. Additionally, Inner Protectorates with a 3 March status benefit from The Blue Bricked Road, a highly protected road paved with Blue Bricks that allow faster travel throughout 3 March Inner protectorates, allowing Caravans to Travel at a protectorate’s March status to and from them, and The Pharoah’s Army to and from Inner protectorates in half it’s march status. The Blue Bricked Road, while connected to Chrona, does not make it easier for the Pharoah’s Army to travel to an Inner Protectorate (unless otherwise stated)

List of Inner Protectorates
The Velvet Underworld

The Inner Protectorates

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