Sitting at the center of the Pharaoh’s power, Chrona is the largest and most stable Protectorate of The Dragon’s Desert. It is made up of 9 cities, each of which have bordering biomes that seem to defy commonsense and science. Each city fulfills a certain duty, and are listed as follows.

Harmstone: The heart of Chrona’s industry, its citizens labor long and hard to make perfect creations, and are known to amongst the most broken of people.

Bronzebranch: A mining and artisan town, the citizens of Bronze are known to be a bit more independently spirited, likely because they create Chrona’s arms and armor, and are encouraged to be creative.

Grover: Orchards and Vineyards make up this quaint valley city. Additionally, it produces healers of great skill, and its citizen’s are known for their communal and family-based values and laid back attitudes.

Vinriver: Renowned for its ranchers and grain production, Vinriver is the breadbasket of Chrona. It’s citizens are also known for their incredible skill with magic as well, and is home of Chrona’s magic academy.

Neverwhere: Home of the Dragon Pharaoh, the Council of Wyrms, and the Dragoons, Neverwhere is also the crossroads of Chrona, and houses the nobility and the military might of the Council.

Cashew: The trading town of Chrona is also its entrance. Traders, caravans, pilgrims, prisoners, and refugees travel through here often. As such, the people here are diverse and happier than most.

Jaynestown: Located near Neverwhere, Jaynestown, once known as Tunneldug, hold’s Chrona’s warehouses and graineries. Once, its people were incredibly oppressed, but recent events have changed that…

Pineaway: Located in the watery Sycamore groves, Pineaway is not only known for its lumber, but its scientific and medical institutions. Its forests hold the greatest minds in Chrona, known for their curiosity.

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